TESCAN FIB-SEM Software Upgrade Brings New Options for Advanced 3D Data Acquisition and Visualisation

TESCAN ORSAY HOLDING a.s. announces the release of new features for their FIB-SEM Tomography software packages, including support for TESCAN’s Rocking Stage and for multi-modal, multi-channel acquisition, plus features that improve stability during data acquisition. Following acquisition, data can be imported to TESCAN’s new 3D Volume Analysis software for offline 3D data reconstruction and visualisation.

With support for TESCAN’s Rocking Stage, which is used during high current serial sectioning to reduce curtaining and improve surface quality, TESCAN’s FIB-SEM Tomography Advanced software now allows Plasma FIB-SEM users to fully leverage the advantages of high speed milling for their large volume 3D data acquisition. Additionally, both Plasma and Ga FIB-SEM users will now be able to acquire multiple datasets at different operating conditions, for example EDS at high beam voltages and high-resolution BSE at low beam voltages, resulting in a more comprehensive analytical dataset.

The new auto-heating function for Ga FIB, which allows acquisitions requiring 60+ hours to continue uninterrupted, and the new Fine Autofocus function, which enables compensation for slow drifts in the Z direction, deliver improved stability for long term data acquisitions.

In conjunction with the release of the updated FIB-SEM Tomography software, TESCAN announces the availability of new TESCAN 3D Volume Analysis software for offline data volume reconstruction.

Designed by TESCAN to assure seamless compatibility with TESCAN FIB-SEM systems, this software provides an easy to learn tool for 3D data import, pre-processing and visualisation, with guided data import and processing workflows to handle large amounts of data or multi-channel image datasets.

TESCAN FIB-SEM Tomography and TESCAN 3D Volume Analysis software both adopt the same ease of use principles inherent with the TESCAN Essence™ GUI to provide a familiar user interface and step-by-step guided workflows for easily specifying the data acquisition and reconstruction parameters, even for complex operations.

With the release of these new features and capabilities, TESCAN continues their investment in sophisticated software solutions that allow users of all experience levels to work more efficiently, whether they are performing routine imaging and analysis, or conducting advanced research at the nanoscale. Learn more about TESCAN FIB-SEM Tomography and TESCAN 3D Volume Analysis software packages for TESCAN’s complete FIB-SEM Portfolio.