JAN Scientific Inc

Crystal Clear Imaging

  • Classifying protein crystals from non-protein crystals in crystallisation drops has been a long-standing problem in protein crystallography with the ultimate differentiation being through X-ray diffraction. However, X-ray diffraction is impractical in many situations as the crystals could be too numerous or even too small to harvest and mount.

    JAN Scientific Inc (JANSi) specialises in imaging solutions for macro-molecular crystallography.  They have been a pioneer in UV imaging and introduced LED light sources for UV imaging; have a proprietary imaging method that allows transmission and fluorescence imaging with the same optics and light path.

    JANSi is the first company to offer combined UV absorption and UF fluorescence imaging, and combined visible and UV fluorescence imaging. UV fluorescence from crystallisation drops can highlight protein microcrystals and crystals hidden by precipitate. UV transmission images can highlight nucleic acid crystals and protein crystals whose fluorescence has been quenched by, for example, small ligand molecules.

    From table top manual imager to temperature controlled storage cabinet with a built-in imager, JANSi cater to small labs as well as to large user facilities with high throughput. With over 150 installations around the world, JANSi UVEX  has become an important tool in many crystallography labs for rapid in-situ detection of protein crystals