Z Polarisation Device for Laser Raman Microscopes – ZPol


ZPol produces “z-polarisation”, light that vibrates in the direction of  its propagation. “Z-polarisation” has even been forgotten because propagating light only contains transverse electromagnetic waves of x and y polarisation. The new technology from nanophoton easily creates the forgotten “z-polarisation”. ZPol enables you to obtain the 3D orientation of molecules and crystals, unlike conventional polarisers and wave plates.

Feature Summary

Z-polarisation is produced by a combination of a ZPol and a high-NA lens. First, liner polarisation is incident to the ZPol and converted to radial polarisation. Second, the focal spot given by the lens has strong z-polarised light through the interference of radial polarisation at the geometrical focus. By rotating the ZPol, it is also possible to produce Azimuthal polarisation which does not contain z-polarisation at the focal point.


Mount size25mm diameter
Clear aperture10 mm diameter
Wavelength10 mm diameter
Usable with pulse lasersns, ps and fs

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