YXLON Launch Water-Cooled Tube-Heads for Demanding NDT Applications

Yxlon have just launched a new range of water-cooled tube heads designed for demanding applications such as working in confined spaces or 24/7 operation in extreme temperatures. The new water-cooled SMART EVO directional X-ray tube heads can operate around the clock in ambient temperatures up to 30˚C.

The latest editions to the award winning SMART EVO range use a unique hybrid cooling principle. The system incorporates a water-cooled module that removes up to 900 W directly from the anode.

The water cooling system works in tandem with an air cooling system that uses a fan to force airflow along the tube tank inside the tube head. This in turn removes heat from both the tube tank and the electronic module. This hybrid cooling system achieves the ultimate system cooling enabling you to run for longer at higher ambient temperatures.

The full range of SMART EVO directional tube heads and the CONTROL EVO are available in reliable water-cooled variants, catering for almost every conceivable application. A WL3002 water cooler with flow and thermal switch for safe operation is also available, and for more extreme applications, a water-cooled cathode module can also be added.

The water-cooled SMART EVO directional series spans from 20 up to 300 kV, with a maximum X-ray power of 900 W. The range includes small focal spot size models down to 1.0 mm. The range includes:

  • SMART EVO 300DSW – 300kV, 1.0mm focal spot and 900W of constant potential x-ray power for maximum penetration and minimum exposure time
  • SMART EVO 300DW – 300kV with 900W of constant potential X-ray power for heavy duty field inspection jobs
  • SMART EVO 225DSW – Combining 225kV, 1.0mm focal spot and 900W of X-ray power for high resolution and high penetration
  • SMART EVO 225DW – Featuring 225kV and 900W of constant potential x-ray power, ideally suited to medium duty field inspection jobs
  • SMART EVO 200DW – 200kV, 1.0mm focal spot size and 750W of constant potential x-ray power
  • SMART EVO 160DW – 160kV, 1.0mm focal spot size and 750W of constant potential x-ray power, excellent for light duty field inspection work.

If you need to perform work in harsh environments, a water-cooled tube head is an excellent solution. The new range of water-cooled SMART EVO are now available from AXT and are able to fulfil nearly any task in the toughest climatic conditions.

Posted October 30, 2015

Yxlon SMART EVO Water cooled tube head
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