Y.SMART Crawler Package

Yxlon offers a pipeline crawler accessory that can be used with systems such as the Y.SMART 200PC and Y.SMART 300PC which operate using highly efficient constant potential technology. The base systems also feature highly efficient power electronics and excellent thermal performance. This accessory allows the radiographic units to be integrated with pipeline crawlers and meet the most challenging of demands.

The package includes:

  • DC/DC converter
  • Technical support
  • Documentation

Using the Y.SMART 200PC and 300PC radiographic generators as crawlers allows the user to benefit from 600W of constant potential x-ray power and focal spot sizes of 4.0 x 0.4mm (Y.SMART 200PC) or 5.0 x 0.5mm (Y.SMART 300PC).

The crawler package is also suited to Y.SMART directional units of 200kV and above.

Other features of the crawler package include:

  • 90 – 150 VDC battery voltage range
  • X-ray output independent of battery voltage
  • Constant potential technology blends low energy consumption with optimum penetration
  • Tube heads can also still be used for conventional applications between crawler tasks

Yxlon also offers an additional controller board enabling the crawler’s computer to gain full operational control of the x-ray system via an RS232 connection. This allows access to advanced diagnostic features, automatic recognition and the run-in of the attached tube head. Like the Y.SMART controller, it fully supports operation and protection.

The included lead belt also ensures safe warm-up can be performed.

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