Y.MU2000D Universal X-ray Inspection System – Radiography and Computed Tomography CT

The Y.MU2000-D is universally accepted and the world’s most popular x-ray inspection cabinet suited to both spot checks and routine inspection to help you maintain ultimate levels of quality and ensure the components that leave your factory are up to the task they have been designed for. It features modern digital flat panel detectors and Y-HDR-Inspect technology. This combination generates brilliant image quality with excellent contrast to quickly and easily reveal defects and flaws.

Key Features

  • Robust proven technology
  • Over 490 systems already installed worldwide
  • Highly dynamic radioscopy (HDR)
  • Manual and programmable inspection
  • Rapid Computed Tomography – one touch operation

Key Design Features

Ergonomic Design

The Y.MU-2000-D is a robust and proven performer that requires little if any maintenance. Its design incorporates large doors making it easy to load large specimens so you can spend more time collecting valuable data. The lead glass window allows easy visualisation of the component being investigated so inspection positions can be optimised.

The included specimen manipulator can be manually driven outside the boundaries of the radiation-shielded cabinet to facilitate loading via cranes or forklifts, thus protecting workers from back injuries and other occupational health and safety risks.

Flexibility to Examine a Vast Range of Specimens

The x-ray source and detector are mounted on the same U-arm which is able to traverse vertically and tilt. This keeps the focus-to-detector distance (FDD) constant. The sample carrier is decoupled from the x-ray source and detector and able to rotate and travel horizontally in two dimensions. Thus, the system offers five axes of movement for ultimate flexibility and versatility enabling the Y.MU2000-D to be optimised for inspection of almost any specimen regardless of its size and shape. The decoupled design also allows large items to be inspected using a relatively small system.

Image Quality

Brilliant images are produced thanks to the marriage of the Digital flat panel Detector Array (DDA) with its high dynamic range and the Y.HRD-Inspect (High Dynamic Radioscopy) technology. The DDA is capable of live imaging and exclusively equipped with pixel qualities and functionalities specific to YXLON. Yyxlon’s HDR technology generates images with unparalleled brilliance ideal for rapid detail detection, estimation of casting flaw depth and is insensitive to alteration in x-ray parameters eliminating the need to constantly adapt to changes in materials thickness.

Computed Tomography Upgrade

The Y.MU2000-D can be upgraded with the CT station to give it Computed Tomography (CT) capabilities. This additional functionality is fast and easy to use, even for operators with no specialised CT knowledge or background.

The CT capability enables 3 dimensional reconstructions of specimens to be created that can show the full extent of voids, cracks and other casting defects as well as their exact location. It also allows operators to check dimensional tolerances so that finished products can be easily compared to CAD drawings and similar, making the Y.MU2000-D the your ideal partner for product development and quality control.


The YXLON Y.MU2000D is suitable for examination of a wide variety of specimens whether they be made from steel, aluminium, other metals and alloys, ceramics, plastics or rubber. Some examples include:

  • Engine blocks and cylinder heads
  • Fibre reinforced composite materials
  • Materials analysis
  • Pistons
  • Tyres and rubber
  • Turbine blades
  • Cast parts

Sample Images

HDR radiographic image of a casting.

cast part imaged using computed tomography CT

3D Computed Tomography (CT) image of a cast part.

Porosity of a cast part images using computed tomography CT

CT image revealing porosity in a casting.


Operation of the Y.MU2000-D

Computed Tomography Capability on the Y.MU2000-D

Automated Wheel Inspection

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