XtaLAB P200

The state-of-the-art Rigaku XtaLAB P200 has been designed for the expert small molecule crystallographer offering flexible configuration. The system uses the DECTRIS PILATUS 200K hybrid pixel array detector (HPAD) which is also being used by CERN in the hunt for the Higgs Boson.The XtaLAB P200 is perfect for routine crystal structure determination and high resolution electron density studies. It can be configured with Molybdenum (MO) or Copper (Cu) radiation of a combination of the two.

System Advantages

  • AFC-Kappa goniometer – with 50 years of experience, the design simplifies operations such as sample mounting, alignment and positioning low temperature devices. Free rotation about the Kappa axis also provides more flexible positioning. Other 3-axis and 4-axis goniometers are also available.
  • Choice of x-ray sources – the flexible design allows x-ray sources ranging from a high frequency 3kW sealed tube to a MicroMax-003 microfocus sealed tube all the way through to the industry leading 2.97kW FR-X. The system also caters to a range of optics.
  • Advanced hybrid pixel detector array technology – the PILATUS 200K detector uses a solid state sensor to directly detect every x-ray photon. These photons generate electron-hole pairs and the resultant charge being measured by a CMOS chip. This system is much simpler than phosphor-based CMOS and CCD detectors and hence improves signal to noise ratios. This benefits chemical crystallographers the PILATUS 200K to better measure weak reflections accurately, improving the success of analysing structure solutions with weak diffraction patterns. The low noise also allows the rapid collection of data without impacting quality.

Key Features

Key features of the XtaLAB P200 include:

  • Choice of goniometer
    • 4-circle κ
    • 4-circle partial-χ
    • 3-circle fixed-χ
  • Choice of X-ray sources
    • 3 kW sealed tube
    • Microfocus seal tube
    • 1.2 kW microfocus rotating anode
    • 5.4 kW rotating anode
    • 2.97 kW microfocus rotating anode
  • Complete software suite
    • CrystalClear&tmark;
    • CrystalStructure&tmark;
    • Olex2
  • Choice of radiation
    • Molybdenum
    • Copper