X-300 – Automatic Fusion Machine for XRF, ICP and AA Sample Preparation

The X-300 is a next generation automated fusion machine (and the smaller sibling to the X-600) designed for producing glass beads for XRF  (X-ray fluorescence) and solutions for ICP (Inductively Coupled Plasma) and AA (Atomic Absorption) analysis. It can be configured as a one, two or three position machine and combines speed and simplicity in a robust design that caters for the most demanding laboratory.

Key Features

  • Automated operation
  • Fully programmable via an industrial PLC-based LCD touchscreen interface that come with pre-programmed recipes I multiple languages
  • Up to 3 samples at once and 15 samples per hour
  • Rapid heat up
  • Patent pending sealed element system that is impervious to flux
  • Safety interlocks to protect the operator
  • Automatic power calibration that achieves excellent reproducibility across all crucible and mould positions
  • Ceramic crucible and mould holders that are non-contaminating and easy to clean
  • Configurable to 30, 32, 35 and 40mm moulds
  • Extraction chimneys for removal of halogens and other volatiles from each crucible
  • Requires standard 240V power with no external cooling

Furnace and Heating Elements

The furnace used in the X-300 automated fluxer provides fast heat ups to ensure you can prepare your samples quickly. The PID controller and patented Dynamic Temperature Control (DTP) allows precise control over the heating cycle and ensures reproducibility.

The accuracy of the system is enhanced by individual element compensation which allows uninterrupted operation, even in the event of a failure. The cartridge element design means that elements can be quickly switched out in the event of a failure with no need for conditioning.

The elements themselves are impervious to flux and other additives. They are also robust and non-brittle allowing the system to be moved if required without significant risk to the elements.

Modular Design and Flexible Capacity

The X-300 automated fusion machine can be ordered as a one, two or three position instrument to suit your throughput requirements. The modular design also allows you to upgrade your X-300 to cater for two or three crucibles simultaneously at a later date if required allowing it to grow with your expanding needs and budgets.

Typical Samples

The X-300 is suited to the preparation of samples such as:

  • Cement
  • Clinker
  • Ores
  • Slag
  • Refractories
  • Ceramics
  • Catalysts
  • Glass
  • Rocks
  • Minerals
  • Soils

The Katanax X-300 Electric Fusion Machine

Voltage (V)240 single phase
Maximum Power (W)3000
Circuit Breaker 15A built-in
Weight (kg)54
Dimensions (cm, WxDxH)48 x 63 x 51

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