VivoQuant – Medical Image Processing and Analysis Software

VivoQuant is a powerful post image processing software suite that has been specifically designed to cater for medical imaging. It is DICOM compliant and can thus be used to import images/data from numerous sources and distribute amongst users.

Sophisticated visualisation and analysis capabilities enable users to generate the information they need with a minimum of fuss. Powerful tools allow you to fine tune images, isolate features, draw, and analyse 3D regions.

Key Features

  • Advanced Visualisation – Caters for the analysis of static and dynamic image data sets from a wide variety of modalities. Sevarl viewing modes are available such as slice view, orthogonal views, multiple planar reconstruction (MPR), multi-dataset view, and tile view
  • Image Registration and Pre-processing Tools – Multi-modal registration (automated, manual or user-provided fiducial markers). Additional features include filtering, cropping, smoothing, and re-scaling functionality.
  • User-Friendly Analysis Packages – 3D ROI segmentation via automatic, semi-automatic and manual tools. Supports Plugin Modules for brain and whole body atlas based segmentation and tracer-kinetic modelling. MR analysis toolkits for generating T1, T2, ADC, and fat quantification maps and performing fMRI analysis.
  • Data Publication Tools – Publish analysis data in tabular and graphical output. Plotting tools for time-activity and time-signal curves, contours and histograms. Image and movie generation for all viewing functions in a broad range of file formats.

Analysis Tools

  • Distance Measurements and Annotations – Identify the Euclideon distrance between any 2 points and highlight areas of interest using annotations and tools
  • 3D ROI Tool – Classify single voxels and export signal intensity quantitative ROI-specific signal intensity values to generate time-activity. Ultimate flexibility is possible using software tools such as automatic thresholding algorithms, interpolation tools and manual erasing/painting
  • MR Estimation Tool – Linear and non-linear models allow you to easily generate, view and quantify T1, T2 and DWI maps
  • Dosimetry Tool – From the 3D ROI tool, calculate the input parameters required for the OLINDA | EXM® software (510k compliant) for dosimetry estimations.
  • Presentation Tools – Gene rate images, rotating MIPs, and fly-through slice movies. Edit output via the Image Magick® plug-in. Manually reset color windows to accurately depict images across time and over multiple subjects.
  • VivoScript – Scripting Platform – Javascript based language allows users to batch through VivoQuant functions and tools to streamline workflows and increase productivity.

Supported Image Modalities

VivoQuant is suited to processing of data generated by multiple imaging modalities including orthogonal, slice views, 3D MIPs and volume renderings. Examples include:

  • PET
  • MRI
  • CT
  • Optical
  • Electron Microscopy (SEM/TEM)

The software supports displaying up to 3 modalities simultaneously while any number can be co-registered.

Supported File Formats

VivoQuant can import and process  DICOM, NifTi and over 20 other native data formats.

Data can be exported in numerous formats including: image; movie; and spreadsheets

Data Management

VivoQuant can be fully integrated with iPACS a full image study data management platform. This enables data and reports generated to by VivoQuant to be easily shared.

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