Model 2560 – Vacuum Transfer Holder

The Fischione Model 2560 Vacuum Transfer Holder is a single axis tomography holder suited to room temperature operations. It offers a tilt range of ±70° and can provide a large field of view for TEMs with a ST or wider gap pole piece.

Protective Transport to the TEM

It has been designed to protect your samples during transport to the TEM. It achieves this by retracting them into the body of the holder, keeping it isolated from the outside atmosphere. In this chamber it can be held in a vacuum or an inert gas to protect the integrity of delicate or sensitive samples.

The Model 2560 has been specifically designed for use with a glove box to ensure sample loading can be achieved under the protective atmosphere.

Sample Loading and Transfer

The sample loading and transfer operation is very simple consisting of the following steps:

  • Place the tomography holder on the loading stand and open the specimen spring clamp with the clamp tool
  • Once the required glove box atmosphere has been achieved, place the sample in the holder using tweezers
  • Retract the sample into the holder. The spring clamp automatically secures the sample without the need for the clamp tool
  • The sample is now ready for transfer to the TEM

Suitable Sample Types

The Model 2560 Vacuum Transfer Holder is suited to use with 3mm diameter TEM samples or grids which can be secured using the spring clamp. The design of the spring clamp provides sufficient force to securely hold the sample in place, while at the same time offering maximum visibility, even at high tilt angles.

Range of Motion

The Model 2560 can rotate ±70° and can be used to gather tomographic data using TEM’s with pole piece gaps greater then 5mm.

Collision Protection

As with other Fischione advance tomography holder, the Model 2560 with the TEM’s touch alarm, which halts goniometer movement should it touch the pole piece. Fischione recommend observing the pole piece configuration and following the microscope manufacturers recommendations for operating the goniometer at high tilt angles.

Key Features

Key features of the Fischione Model 2560 Vacuum Transfer Holder include:

  • An advanced mechanism is able to retract the sample into the body of the holder, sealing and isolating it from the atmosphere
  • It is ideal for sensitive samples and can be used with vacuum or inert gas atmospheres
  • Ideal for transporting sensitive TEM samples
  • Provides a large field of view for TEMs with an ST or wider gap pole piece
  • Can tilt ±70° in TEMS with pole piece gaps of more then 5mm
  • Suitable for use with 3mm samples or grids