UNit – Protein Stability Platform

UNit is the ideal solution if you need to know about protein stability when developing biotherapeutics, protein constructs and protein formulations. Compared to systems from other manufacturers, UNit uses less sample and also allows you to simultaneously measure Tm and Tagg. Each measurement can be completed in less than two hours and you can queue samples for maximum throughput and efficiency.

Key Features

  • Simultaneous measurement of Tm and Tagg
  • Small sample size – 9µL
  • Sealed samples prevents evaporation
  • Full-spectrum fluorescence and SLS
  • Label-free detection
  • Optional dye-based applications

Unchained Labs Uni sample holderUNi – Run Up to 48 Samples

UNit allows you to generate results with only 9µL of sample.

Using UNi, a novel sample cartridge, you can load 48 samples at a time that can be measured sequentially, so you can load up your UNit and let it do its thing. With air-tight samples, you can also schedule short or long runs as required and with variable numbers of samples.

Unchained Labs Unit full spectrum analysisFull Spectrum Analysis

UNit measures the entire fluorescence spectrum for proteins giving you a complete picture of their stability.

It also simultaneously measures aggregation by static light scattering (SLS) using two different wavelengths. This enables you to monitor both small and large aggregates.

Unchained Labs Unit protein aggregation temperatureDetermine Melting and Aggregation Temperatures

UNit is able to simultaneously determine melting and aggregation temperatures (Tm and Tagg respectively). In doing so, you will be able to see when unfolding leads to aggregation.

Unchained Labs Unit isothermal stabilityIsothermal Stability

UNit offers excellent thermal stability. You can monitor your protein formulation for hours or even days to assess its stability and to figure out which conditions have the greatest affect on stability.

Unchained Labs Unit thermal recoveryThermal Recovery

With UNit you can perform cyclic heating experiments (heating and cooling). At the same time you can monitor structural changes and see when your biologic returns to its original state.

Unchained Labs Unit relative viscosityRelative Viscosity

With the addition of a dye you can measure the viscosity of your biologic. This makes it easy for you to optimise your formulation.

Unchained Labs Unit soluble membrane protein stabilitySoluble Membrane Protein Stability

Using a dye, you can easily use UNit to tell you when your protein unfolds. UNit is suitable for even the most difficult of proteins.

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