UltraDry EDS Detector – Silicon Drift X-Ray Detector

The Thermo UltraDry EDS detector is a new generation energy dispersive silicon drift X-ray detector that combines superior resolution and incredibly high count rates resulting in rapid analysis with excellent accuracy. Furthermore the smallest-in-class The high performance of this detector is enhanced by the integration of an advanced field-effect transistor (FET) and a proprietary preamplifier stage. The FET has been miniaturised and integrated into the crystal structure which effectively eliminates device capacitance and hence electronic noise.

The UltraDry detector is part of a highly engineered, fully integrated X-ray microanalysis system. Advanced oulse processing technology in conjunction with unique algorithms address zero peak artefacts, resulting in the ability to accurately measure light elements down to beryllium.

Unique Collimator Design

Thermo Scientific’s unique slotted collimator design produces consistent data collection rates across the widest range of working distances. This is key when simultaneously collecting EDS and EBSD spectra.

Crystal Sizes

These detectors come in a range of crystal active areas (10, 30, 60 and 100mm2). Furthermore, the smallest in class packaging envelope provides the greatest solid angle of detection for any commercially available detector

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Integrated OperationEDS, WDS, and EBSD operation and analysis in a fully unified software platform.
Operating Environment35°C
OptionsMotorised slide
Peak Shift±5eV peak shift (±3eV typical between 1% and 60% deadtime) from minimum to maximum count rate at a given analyser time constant.
Phase MappingThe NORAN System 7 allows you to identify phases during the acquisition.
Resolution±5 eV resolution change (±3eV typical between 1% and 60%dead time) from minimum to maximum count rate at a given analyser time constant.
STD Distance50mm
Active Areaup to 100mm
Third Party CommunicationCan be integration with third party applications.
Analysis AutomationAcquires a spectrum at every point—useful for imaging, X-ray mapping, Linescan and advanced automated analysis.
FWHM Measured5.89 keV (Mn-Ka) with 10,000 counts per second.
Input Counts>1,000,000
Chemical TypingChemical Typing software classifies particles by matching their quantitative chemical composition to a database.
Feature SizingFeature Sizing software collects the morphological and chemical characteristics of infrequently occurring particles in large area samples.