TITANIUM – The Highest Performance AFM

The TITANIUM AFM from NT-MDT represents a revolutionary step in AFM design that offers the ultimate combination of performance and usability. With features like the Revolution Cartridge, automated tip replacement is now easier than it has ever been before. Add to this, the lowest drift of any AFM on the market, extreme long term stability, a multitude of measurement modes and fully automated operation, and TITANIUM becomes the obvious choice for those involved in nanotechnology research.

Revolution Cartridge

The Revolution Cartridge is a totally new concept in AFM design. With 38 probes mounted to each cartridge, tip exchange is literally as easy as clicking a mouse. This design simplifies one of the most complicated AFM operation and streamlines your workflow.

NT-MDT Titanium AFM Tip cartridgeEach cartridge can have multiple different tips mounted to it and the combination can be customised by the user. This means different researchers can quickly swap between different tips for different analytical modes quickly and easily allowing increased efficiency, allowing them to spend more time collecting data and less time setting up the instrument.

Within 30 seconds the following operation are automatically carried out and you are once again collecting data, rather than wasting time configuring your instrument:

  • Probe retraction
  • Cartridge rotation
  • Laser-diode alignment
  • Frequency tuning
  • Soft approach
  • Scanning parameters adjusted
  • Scanning started

Fully Automated Operation

NT-MDT TITANIUM AFM with isolation chamberTITANIUM can be used as a fully automated instrument. This enables users of any skill level, including novices to collect high quality data with ease.

High Resolution Imaging

True high resolution imaging is made possible with:

  1. Exceptionally Low Drift – TITANIUM features the lowest drift of any system on the market (<0.2nm/min)
  2. Long Term Stability – A highly stable chassis combined with extremely low noise for OBD (<25fm/√Hz) allows the system to produce consistently high resolution images

This combination allows you to obtain atomic level resolution.

HybriD Mode Imaging

HybriD mode imaging looks at tip sample interactions and provides local mechanical properties information. It enables high resolution mapping of properties including adhesion and stiffness, as well as elastic and viscoeleastic properties of polymers.

NT-MDT TITANIUM AFM hybrid modeIt can also be performed simultaneously with electrical property measurements providing the most advanced platform for comprehensive AFM analysis.

The precise force control used in this technique delivers several superior data when compared to more conventional AFM techniques.

Multifrequency AFM

TITANIUM features 5 lock-in amplifiers allowing you to measure multiple different channels such as electrostatic, piezoelectric and mechanical properties simultaneously. This reduces your measurement time and allows you to run more samples in shorter time frames.

The system design incorporates fully digital architecture which allows you to fully customise your experimental setup or to use the fully automated settings. The electronics used in the system also have unrivalled signal-to-noise allowing high precision control and the ultimate in imaging quality.

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