MAIA Ultra-High Resolution SEM


The TESCAN MAIA is an ultra high resolution SEM with sub-nanometer resolution making it ideal for imaging and research especially for samples with nano-sized features.The instrument benefits from Tescan’s next generation Triglav technology which allows you to image in numerous different modes and provides high performance imaging at low beam energies with increased stability.

Modern Optics

  • High brightness Schottky emitter for high-resolution/ high-current/ low-noise imaging
  • A unique Wide Field Optics™ design with a proprietary Intermediate Lens (IML) offering a variety of working and displaying modes, for instance with enhanced field of view or depth of focus, etc.
  • Real time In-Flight Beam Tracing™ for performance and beam optimization, it also includes direct and continuous control of the beam and beam current.
  • Beam Deceleration Technology (BDT) for excellent resolution at low beam voltages
  • Extraordinary results with powerful optional In-Beam Detector
  • Fully automated electron optics set-up and alignment
  • Fast imaging rate up to 20 ns
  • Unique live stereoscopic imaging using advanced 3D Beam Technology opens up the micro and nano-world for an amazing 3D experience and 3D navigation.

Rapid Maintenance

Tescan have engineered their instruments for maximum performance and minimal operator effort. All maintenance operations have been designed to be as simple and easy as possible to ensure the microscope is operating at its optimal levels and downtime has been minimised.

Automated Operations

So that SEM operators are maximising their time on important operations, Tescan have automated many if the routine operations such as set up routines as well as analyses. Scripting is also available so that operators can create recipes to automate most other microscope features such as stage control and image acquisition.

User-Friendly Software And Software Tools

The software interface has also been designed to enhance the user experience and allow the operator to generate valuable data with a minimum of fuss. Some features of the in-built software include:

  • Multi-user environment translated into many languages.
  • Four levels of user expertise/rights, including an EasySEM™ mode for quick routine investigations
  • Image management and report creation
  • Built-in self-diagnostics for system readiness checks
  • Network operations and remote access/diagnostics
  • Modular software architecture enables several extensions to be attached.

Triglav Technology

TESCAN have upped the ante with the release of their next generation Triglav® Ultra-High Resolution (UHR) SEM column. Thanks to the TriLens and EquiPower technologies,  users can achieve sub-nanometer resolution down to 0.7nm at 15keV and an impressive 1nm at 1keV making it ideal for imaging nano-sized features.

Triglav provides you with improved imaging and analytical capabilities while also providing enhanced surface sensitivity and image contrast at the extremely low beam energies. Triglav columns are now standard on TESCAN’s range of UHR SEMs including the

The higher performance and improved imaging of these systems can be attributed to unique electron optics and a robust detection system. The new column includes the TriLensTM (three objective lenses) and TriSE/TriBSE (3 SE and 3 BSE detectors) mated together resulting in different imaging modes to suit your specific requirements.

The Triglav column incorporates three SE and angle-selective BSE detectors providing maximum surface and compositional contrast. Additionally, the chamber has been redesigned to cater for larger samples.

EquiPower technology introduces new levels of beam stability.

Chamber Types

Chamber typeLMXMGM
Internal dimensionsØ 230mm285 mm (wide) x 340 mm (deep)340 mm (wide) x 315 mm (deep)
Door148 mm (wide)285 mm (wide) x 320 mm high340 mm (wide) x 320 mm (high)
Number of Ports11+12+20+
Chamber suspensionPneumaticPneumaticActive vibration isolation (integrated)
Specimen stageFully-motorisedFully-motorisedFully-motorised
MovementsX = 80mm
Y = 60mm
Z = 47mm
Rotation: 360° cont.
X = 130mm
Y = 130mm
Z = 100mm
Rotation: 360° cont
X = 130mm
Y = 130mm
Z = 100mm
Rotation: 360° cont.

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