TESCAN Introduce Automated Loading System for SEM-Based Minerals Analyser

AXT Pty Ltd, TESCAN‘s agent in Australia and New Zealand are excited to announce that they have recently added an automated sample loading accessory for the TESCAN Integrated Minerals Analyzer or TIMA system. The TIMA is a Scanning Electron Microscope tool, designed specifically for the rapid analysis of rocks, ores, concentrates, tailings, leach residues or smelter products and other geological samples.

TESCAN TIMA Integrated automated minerals analyserThe newly developed automated loading system makes the TIMA the first automated minerals analyser allowing robust, continuous and unattended sample loading. The robotic system is able to accommodate up to 100 epoxy blocks either 25 or 30mm in diameter and facilitates 24/7 operation with minimal user input and effort.

The TIMA is the first and only system that combines Backscatter Electron imaging (BSE), cathodoluminescence (CL) and Energy Dispersive X-Ray Analysis (EDX) to perform functions such as minerals analysis and identification, minerals concentration, particle size distribution and liberation/locking parameters in an automated fashion. It is also able to perform bright particle/phase searches for PGM, heavy metals and gold-silver ores. While this may also sound very complicated, TESCAN engineers have designed the system to be as easy to use as possible, so that generating the information you need is a simple process.

AXT’s Managing Director, Richard Trett commented that “A large capacity autoloader is a game changer for large users. Extended unattended operation improves efficiency and allows for the mineralogist to focus on analysis rather than sample management. Built in traceability via barcodes and visual identification also allow for the ease of repeat analysis and refinement on a large stock of samples.”

The TIMA system with automated loading system is ideally suited to continuous operation and can greatly assist operations like mines and minerals exploration companies monitor ores and analyse drill cores. The automated processing of large numbers of samples in an automated fashion means that your process or exploration program is always going in the right direction.

AXT will have the TIMA on display at the upcoming ACMM23/ICONN2014 conference, where both AXT and TESCAN are gold sponsors. The TIMA will be available for personalised demonstration by appointment throughout the event.

For more information on the AXT’s product range please visit www.axt.com.au or stop by booths 57 to 60 at ACMM23/ICONN2014.

Posted January 15, 2014

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