SwithLitho Install First NanoFrazor in Asia

Last week, SwissLitho, the Swiss-based innovators in nanolithography installed their first system in Asia. The NanoFrazor nanolithography instrument was installed at the Beihang University, China.

The nanoFrazor uses a unique/patented technique called Thermal Scanning Probe Lithography (TSPL). This technology has many advantages over other more conventional nanolithography processes and can create 3D patterns with a resolution of 10nm.

Researchers from the Beihang University are already excited to use the NanoFrazor Explore for fundamental research of emerging spintronic memory and logic devices, particularly on new structures of magnetic tunnel junction (MTJ) and spin valves.

Posted April 29, 2016

Swisslitho Nanofrazor install at Beihang University
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