SuperNova – Diffractometer for Small Molecule 3D Analysis

The SuperNova from Rigaku Oxford Diffraction is the perfect diffractometer for small molecule crystallography research. This highly automated system requires minimal maintenance while offering maximum flexibility and capabilities. Its compact and fully-integrated design will make it the ideal addition to any commercial, analytical or research laboratory.

The SuperNova marries the best of both worlds, a high-flux micro-focus x-ray source and a patented fast, self-optimising S2 CCD detector. By combining high performance components i.e. a high intensity x-ray source and a large active area CCD you are able to collect large amounts of data very quickly, speeding up your workflow and increasing throughput. The highest level of componentry also ensures you are able to produce superior quality results, quickly and repeatedly.

Dual Wavelength X-Ray Source

Rigaku Oxford Diffraction, the inventors of dual wavelength x-ray diffractometers, also offer this as an option for the SuperNova. This allows you to switch effortlessly between copper and molybdenum wavelengths, or even silver depending on your application.

Since the introduction of CCD-based area detectors for x-ray crystallography, molybdenum has often been put forward as the best choice for general purpose diffraction applications. Copper has been growing in popularity with the advent of dual source systems and in many cases is producing higher resolution data allowing easier refinement of data and structural resolution, and hence is more suitable for publication of protein crystallography data.

Designed for Ease-of-Use

The SuperNova has been designed with operators in mind.

Easy sample mounting has been facilitated by using a beam stop that can be simply rotated out of the way.

Maintenance, if required is also simplified with a modular design of core components. Furthermore, online diagnostics and troubleshooting ensure minimal downtime.

Key Features

  • Up to 40W Microfocus X-ray tube with optimised multi-layer optics
  • Simple dual-source upgrade – combine Cu, Mo or Ag
  • High precision kappa 4-circle kappa goniometer
  • Accepts full range of S2 CCD or HPAD detectors
  • New protection cabinet with motion enable system. Fully compliant with EU safety directives
  • Enhanced diagnostic firmware for improved service and support
  • Powerful external PC for instrument and experiment control
  • CrysAlisPro– Powerful, user-friendly software, with optional AutoChem2.1 for fully-automated structure solution and refinement

SuperNova Video Overview

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