SECOM SR – Super Resolution CLEM – Correlative Light and Electron Microscopy System

A fully integrated super resolution correlative light and electron microscopy system for biological applications

The SECOM SR builds on the success of the SECOM but adds super resolution (SR) optical microscopy to provide biologists with even greater levels of detail resulting in a better understanding of your system. The new system integrates SR optical microscopy with electron microscopy with both systems now able to provide nanoscale detail.

The SECOM and SECOM SR are the only in situ correlative light and electron microscopy (CLEM) products on the market. While there are certainly other CLEM solution available, no others simplify and streamline your workflow as much as these. They save you time and allow you to acquire images for overlay almost simultaneously ensuring you image your cells in the same place at the same time.

Super Resolution Optical Microscopy

Super resolution has become a powerful tool for biological research. With the ability to overcome the diffraction barrier, researchers are now able to image cellular structures at levels previously only possible with an SEM.

Using super resolution microscopy, it is now possible to resolve features less than 200nm across such as small organelles and proteins using fluorescence microscopy.


The correlative nature of the SECOM SR allows you to combine the functional information from the super resolution optical microscope with high resolution structural information acquired by the SEM. This increased level of detail from the SR microscope affords you an added level of detail and more contextural information that adds gravity to your research.

Optimised Workflow

Delmic SECOM SR super resolution CLEM oil immersion lensThe SECOM SR provides automated overlay capabilities for your fluorescence and SEM images. This ensures perfect alignment every time, allowing you to concentrate on acquiring images and interpreting the data.

Furthermore, you can trust the quality of your images as only the highest quality optical componentry is used, resulting the best possible optical performance. It is also possible to use vacuum compatible immersion oil.

Modular Design

Delmic SECOM SR super resolution CLEM ODEMISThe SECOM SR super resolution CLEM has been designed to be used in conjunction with any other detectors you may already have or may want to use in the future, thus not compromising the operation of your SEM. It is also compatible with other features such as beam deceleration and immersion mode.

The hardware is also integrated with the open source ODEMIS software package that controls the system operation. It provides a user-friendly interface that will suit a broad user base, helping to deliver a versatile analytical solution for operators of with various levels of experience.

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