Speckle Reducer


When a coherent light source illuminates an object, speckle noise appears and degrades your important images. This phenomena occurs due to the coherence of the light and seems to be inevitable.

SK-11 reduces speckle noise and improves your image quality. SK-11 consists of a fiber bundle of different length fibers. The input laser beam with high coherence emerges from SK-11 with lower coherence because the length of the each fiber differs more than the coherent length.

Feature Summary

SK-11 is excellent for microscope illumination. Monochromatic illumination does not cause any chromatic aberration from the objective lens. SK-11 has no moving parts so that you will not suffer from the vibration noise. Scanning system is not required, making it suitable for the temporal resolved imaging.

SK-11 also works as a beam homogenizer. The input Gaussian intensity profile is transformed into a homogeneous profile.


Wavelength450 nm - 950 nm (Option: 1000 nm - 1400 nm, 250 nm - )
Entrance pupil5 mm (ask for different diameter)
Exit pupil5 mm (the same with entrance pupil)
Size110 (H) x 140 (W) x 55 (L)

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