SMART EVO Radiographic Generator Sets

SMART EVO Radiographic Generator Sets

Yxlon have introduced the new SMART EVO series of portable x-ray/radiographic generators sets for Non-Destructive (NDT) applications. The POWERFUL new range offers a host of new features that will help to significantly improve your workflow, giving you a competitive advantage.

The new range of tube heads with up to 300kV of x-ray power are even lighter than previous generations making them easier to manoeuvre, reducing operator strain and time between measurements. However, the key to the new range is the CONTROL EVO unit that is easy to connect, has an intuitive user interface helping to speed up exposure calculations further streamlining your workflow.

The SMART EVO radiographic generator sets will help you to work faster and get jobs completed more quickly. All this, with no sacrifice in performance, accuracy or reliability. With a sturdy construction, they have also been built to last.

SMART EVO Tube Heads

The range of SMART EVO tube heads all feature constant potential x-ray power which minimises exposure time. The range comprises four direction models offering power up to 300kV.

The new range benefits from a completely redesigned housing designed to endure the harsh realities of work in the field. The housing also protects the internal workings, including metal-ceramic x-ray tube.

The main body now has an integrated cooling fan for added protection. Improved cooling also enables the SMART EVO tube heads to operate in the most extreme environments.

Other features of the SMART EVO range that will help to enhance your productivity include:

  • Laser guides to improve accuracy, reduce overlaps, saving both time and materials
  • Improve cooling for extended operation
  • 60° x 40° x-ray beam
  • Easy to handle x-ray beam blocker
  • Gauge indicating tube tank gas pressure
  • Reliable LED warning lamps integrated into the metal structure with excellent

YXLON SMART EVO control radiographic generator sets/tube heads

Small Focal Spot Models

Smart-EVO-finefocusYxlon have also launched small focal spot size models, the SMART EVO 225DS (225kV) and 300DS (300kV). These unit feature a small 1.0mm focal spot that is perfect for applications that need higher resolution. The smaller spot size and hence high flux also means you can achieve higher x-ray penetration (up to 90mm) and image sections with shorter exposure times.


The control unit is now even simpler to use and more intuitive to help optimise settings and speed up gathering of data. The control unit is now computer controlled to assist the operator in optimising film exposure. Featuring a 6.5” colour display and easy access to basic functions, the new control unit enhances the operator experience.

The CONTROL EVO has also been redesigned with ergonomics in mind. It also boasts a rugged design with shock absorbing bumpers that enable it to endure the rigors of portable/on-site operation. The construction also satisfies IP66 environmental requirements for exposure to dust and water.

Another advantage of the new control unit is that it is compatible with the entire SMART EVO range as well as the Y.SMART and Y.XPO tube heads.

Other features include:

  • Easy access connectors for all YXLON tube heads
  • Connectors for externals lamps, door switches. Ethernet and USB
  • Unmissable emergency stop button

YXLON CONTROL EVO control unit for radiographic generator sets

Water-Cooled SMART EVO Tube Heads

Yxlon have just also have a range of directional water-cooled tube heads designed for demanding applications. They are suited to applications that involve working in in confined spaces or where 24/7 operation in extreme temperatures is required.

Hybrid Cooling System

The unique hybrid cooling system used on water-cooled SMART EVOs combines both water and air cooling providing the ultimate cooling capacity.

A water-cooled module removes up to 90W directly from the anode.

In parallel, a fan forces cooling air along the tube tank inside the tube head. This cools both the tube tank and electronic module

This hybrid cooling system allows you to operate around the clock in ambient temperatures up to 30˚C.

Product Range

The full range of SMART EVO directional tube heads and the CONTROL EVO are available in reliable water-cooled variants, catering for almost every conceivable application. Models are available spanning 20 to 300kV, with constant potential x-ray power of up to 900W and focal spot sizes down to 1.0mm.


Yxlon SMART EVO Water coolerA WL3002 water cooler with flow and thermal switch for safe operation is also available, and for more extreme applications, a water-cooled cathode module can also be added.


 EVO 160DEVO 200DEVO 225DEVO 225DS
Small Focal Spot
Small Focal Spot
Weight (kg)222326262929
Height (mm)611635708708774774
Focal Spot Size EN 12543 (mm)
High Voltage Adjustment (kV)20-16030-20040-22540-22550-30050-300
mA Adjustment0.5-7.00.5-6.00.5-5.50.5-5.50.5-4.50.5-4.5
Max X-Ray Power (W)750750900900900900
Beam Angle (°)40x6040x6040x6030x6040x6030x60
Leakage Radiation (mSv/h)Max. 2.0Max. 2.0Max. 5.0Max. 5.0Max. 5.0Max. 5.0
Temperature Range (°C)-20 to +50-20 to +50-20 to +50-20 to +50-20 to +50-20 to +50
Cont. Exposure 35°C (Max kV and mA)Min. 1hrMin. 1hrMin. 1hrMin. 1hrMin. 1hrMin. 1hr
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Water-Cooled Models
Model Number160DW200DW225DW225DSW300DW300DSW
Cont. Exposure 30°C
Max kV/Max mA
Cooling Water Flow Rate (l/min)>2.5>2.5>2.5>2.5>2.5>2.5
Max. Inlet Temp.40°C40°C40°C40°C40°C40°C
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The SMART EVO Product Range

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