SFC Dry Baths for Determination of Solid Fat Content

Manufacturers of foods, cosmetics and other products where fats are used need to measure the SFC (solid fat content) of the particular fat or oil that they are using. This measurement is done by evaluating the melting curve of the fat. LAIX Technologies have developed a series of dry baths which automate the melting curve analysis process. Each bath has a number of temperature zones which can be automatically controlled to rapidly change the temperature during the melting curve analysis procedure. They are the ideal alternative to water baths being more energy efficient, smaller and quieter.

Despite their simple appearance, they house the latest Peltier technology and offer maximum energy efficiency, able to reach maximum temperature with minimal energy, noise and lab space. They also comply with the official AOCS requirements for method IUPAC Cd 16b-93.

Key Features

  • -10 to 100°C
  • 18 or 36 positions per temperature zone
  • ~50W per zone
  • Colour touchscreen display
  • Complies with AOCS requirements for IUPAC Cd 16b-93
  • Optional automatic calibration and inert gas cover to prevent condensation
  • Ready for use in LAIX technologies automated solutions


The SFC Dry Baths from LAIX Technologies are the perfect companion quality control labs that deal with fats. They are suited to use with all types of fats including:

  • Palm oil
  • Coconut oil
  • Cocoa butter

The SFC Dry Baths can also be upgraded with software and full automation. The modular design of the SFC Automation system means that you can convert your LAIX Dry Baths into fully automated fat determination instruments as your requirements increase.

Touchscreen Interface

The colour touchscreen interface provides a simple panel for you to control your instrument. It also displays constant status information so you will know exactly what stage in the process your samples are at.

The information on the display is logically and clearly arranged and a self-explanatory guide is provided to ensure ease of operation.

Precise Temperature Control

A rapid, high-precision temperature controller is your insurance that your test is performed as per your protocol.  The temperature controller has been designed specifically to work with Peltier elements and operates in harmony with them to maximise lifetime and performance.

Reliability and Ease-of-Use

Knowing that the demands of your lab can be extreme, these LAIX Technologies SFC dry baths have been designed with ease-of-use and reliability in mind.

To minimise downtime, operation has also been optimised to maximise lifetime. They offer the ability to control various temperature zones, with each zone able to be individually removed from the aluminium block for cleaning. Furthermore, in the event of the need to replace a zone, this can be completed without interrupting the operation of the other zones.

Significant thought has also gone into heat dissipation. In-built heat dissipation measures contribute to increased life and minimise noise.

Operation of the Laix Technologies SFC Automation

Models and Specifications

Dimensions (mm)
Approx floor space
150 x 200150 x 500150 x 750150 x 750
Weight (kg)
Voltage (V AC)80-250 @ 50-60Hz
Max Power (W)100300600480
Average Power (W)40150300250
Temperature Range (°C)-10 to +100
Accuracy (°C)0.1
Temperature Zones1456
Positions per Zone18183618
Hole Diameter (mm)10.35
Hole Depth (mm)80
Display2 colourMulticolour graphical
Operation4 keysTouch Display
Specification SheetClick here to download.

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