SFC Automation for Determination of Solid Fat Content

Food manufacturers who use fats in their products need to measure the fats SFC (solid fat content). This is done by evaluating the melting curve of the fat of interest and is especially useful in the characterisation of oils and fats used in food processing, baking, confectionery and margarine/butter industries. LAIX Technologies recognise that while this analysis is very important in determining the quality of the goods that manufacturers are producing, it is also a routine and standardised task. To enable laboratory efficiency and to decrease the risk of human error, LAIX have developed an automation platform to handle the processing, from raw sample to reported result.

The SFC Automation seamlessly blends more than 10 years of automation experience with customer inspired ideas and proven technologies. The result is a streamlined system that maximises flexibility, efficiency and ease-of-use.

The compact modular design not only saves you laboratory space, but can also work 24/7 and eliminates operator error.

Key Features

  • Fast and precise operation
  • Fully automated operation
  • Compact design
  • Simple to use software
  • Conforms to AOCS and IUPAC standards
  • Up to 20 temperature baths
  • Modular design

System Overview

The SFC Automation is based on LAIX Technologies proven VariSam platform which can be tailored to your requirements. It comes equipped with:

The SFC Automation determines the melting curve of the fat in question according to the latest standard method, the AOCS Official methos Cd 16b-93, which defines the workflow as well as the required hardware.

The SFC technique (Solid Fat Content) which is a direct method based on NMR is superior, being more accurate and reliable compared the the SFI technique (Solid Fat Index) that is indirect and based on dilatometry.


The SFC Automation is the perfect companion quality control labs that deal with fats. It is suited to use with all types of fats. Typical examples include:

  • Palm oil
  • Coconut oil
  • Cocoa butter

The system is also compatible with the Bruker Minispec NMR.

User-Friendly Software

The SFC Automation is driven via a modern Windows-based, user-friendly interface. The user interface allows you to access and run numerous different experimental methods even with a small number of temperature baths.

Safety Features

With ultimate operator safety in mind the SFC Automation incorporates several design features to protect operators, while at the same time ensuring speed and efficiency are not compromised. These include:

  • Sample input slider
  • Automatic door lock
  • Safety doors or light curtains

Modular Design

Consistent with the design of many other products from LAIX Technologies, the SFC Automation features a modular design. This enables LAIX to tailor the system to your exact requirements based on experimental methods and sample throughput.

Operation of the Laix Technologies SFC Automation

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