SciAps Z-Series LIBS – World’s Leading Handheld for Carbon in Steels and In Field Analysis

SciAps were the first manufacturer in the world to introduce a handheld LIBS analyser. They continued to lead the market introducing the first LIBS to offer carbon analysis for the accurate identification of carbon in steels, differentiation of L and H-grade stainless steels and the determination of carbon equivalence which is crucial for welding, weld repairs and fabrication. The Z-series LIBS has become a highly versatile and vital part of many peoples workflows.

SciAps Z-902 Carbon handheld LIBS analyser - Z-series LIBS

Z-Zeries LIBS Design Features

To achieve this level of accuracy, while producing results at speed, the SciAps handheld LIBS analysers utilise a patented powerful, high frequency laser and miniaturised on-board argon purge to exclude any extraneous elements and improve detection limits. Furthermore, the SciAps handheld LIBS (and pXRF) have been designed to be lightweight, compact and fast so you can take them anywhere – up a tower, into a ditch, or any other location where awkward spaces are an issue. Measure carbon, silicon, and alloying metals in seconds.

Say Goodbye to Bulky Spark OES

With the miniaturisation of LIBS into a small and highly portable instrument, you can banish your mobile spark OES to the history books. With their bulky carts that struggle on all but the most level sealed paths, handheld LIBS can produce the same data with virtually no heat affected zone in a significantly faster, much more convenient manner making it a superior alternative to spark OES.

More than just carbon! Lithium, boron, beryllium in aluminium alloys LIBS technology excels at measuring critical alloy elements such as Mg, Si, Li, Be, B, Cr, Mn, Cu and other transition, heavy metals.

portable spark OES for PMI
Do you really want cart around a “portable” spark OES?
Note: This picture doesn’t include the argon gas bottle!

Corrosion Monitoring

Sulfidic Corrosion

The Z-series LIBS measures Si down to 0.02% in 3 seconds for sulfidic corrosion and is in use at major refineries around the world where it forms a critical part of their asset management workflow.

Cr for Flow-Accelerated Corrosion (FAC)

The Z measures Cr content < 0.03% in just a few seconds, without the need for X-ray radiation sources.


oil and gas - application

Oil and Gas

Upstream – Alloy material verification for on shore, off shore rigs.

Midstream – Fast, in-ditch measurements of carbon and carbon equivalents with the Pipeline Safety App. Material verification per API 5L and PHMSA “Mega Rule”. Read more about how First Gas (NZ) have incorporated the SciAps Z-series LIBS into their pipeline repair workflow.

Downstream – PMI for carbon steels, L, and H grade stainless and nickel alloys. Residuals (Cr, Cu, Ni) including carbon. Carbon, carbon equivalents
in welds and materials.

power generation / electricity


The Z does it all, flow-accelerated corrosion, carbon, CE in steels and stainless, and alloy PMI. All without the regulatory burden of X-ray.

using PMI in fabrication


Need to PMI carbon for fabricated metal product and welds? Use the smallest, fastest carbon analyzer ever made. In use daily at hundreds of fab
shops globally.

PMI for use in the pharmaceuticals and chemical industry

Pharmaceuticals and Chemicals

Instantly verify that your alloy materials are 316L. The Z measures carbon down to 0.007%.

An Accepted Solution

With well over 1000 carbon units shipped globally and included in API RP 578 3rd Edition, the SciAps Z-series LIBS is accepted for pipeline testing by every major pipeline owner/operator. Independent studies validate its performance compared to spark OES.