SciAps Launch the Fastest, Lightest Handheld XRF

Non-destructive testing industry professionals had their wish list for a better handheld X-ray gun, and SciAps have delivered. The SciAps X-550 is a premium product with everything the NDT industry needs. 

SciAps X-550 worlds fastest handheld XRF

It’s lightweight at under 1.3 kg. – with the battery – which makes it the lightest handheld analyser on the market.

The X-550 is also the fastest, most ergonomic XRF ever made, especially designed for NDT and PMI users who needing access to hard-to-reach test locations and welds. Importantly, the X-550 supports key alloy applications, including low silicon (Si) for sulfidic corrosion, residual elements (API 751) and API 5L alloy chemistry requirements. 

If your testing requires low alloy steels, stainless and high-temperature alloys – but no carbon – then the speed and simplicity of operation of the SciAps X may be the perfect solution for you. X-ray is the perfect option if you don’t need to measure carbon, beryllium, boron or lithium. If you do need to measure carbon as well, then the One Box with the SciAps Z (LIBS) and X-550 (X-ray) offers a complete package.

Other SciAps XRF models are still available for those industries that don’t need the special design and ergonomics for tighter spaces.

SciAps is a fast growing, Boston-based handheld analytical instruments company.  Founded in 2013 by industry experts, the company continues to double in size every year and continues to innovate core handheld technologies for in-field measurements of elements, chemicals and minerals. SciAps is a proud sponsor of the Wounded Warrior Project as well as a leading NASCAR sponsor.