Sample Management Automated Sample Storage Workflow with Desktop Solutions

Replacing all the freezers in your lab might be out of the question but wouldn’t it be great to find another way to make your sample management / retrieval process more efficient? See how SPT Labtech’s workflow of automated desktop solutions can help.

Sample Management Solutions

SPT Labtech can supply a complete suite of sample management hardware including:

Modular Storage Solution that Grow with You

Both comPOUND and arktic storage systems are modular and you can add more units as your requirements grow. Furthermore, they can be located remotely and accessed from anywhere using their innovative lab2lab pneumatic sample trasfer system.

Catering for Large Sample Libraries

Where you have very large sample libraries, SPT Labtech have the arktic XC.

Is Automated Sample Storage Worth It?

If you are wondering if automated sample storage is for you, watch this on-demand webinar to dDiscover how to build a cost comparison model for automated storage versus manual storage to decide if automation is the right approach for your setting.This webinar considers a wide range of factors to capture all costs associated with an automated sample storage solution versus manual approaches, as well as the benefits to sample quality and ultimately the quality of research.