AXT Brings Sigray’s Revolutionary X-Ray Technology to Australia & New Zealand

AXT is committed to bringing new technologies to Australia and New Zealand to ensure that our researchers have access to the latest technologies. To this end, AXT has just signed a distribution agreement with Sigray Inc., developers of innovative X-ray technology that promises to profoundly change the landscape of analytical X-ray techniques.

To date, Sigray has received six patents on its system designs and its key X-ray components, with many more patents pending. One such device is the FAAST-Micro™ X-ray source, which when coupled with Sigray’s proprietary twin paraboloidal X-ray optics, delivers an intense, focused X-ray beam to the sample comparable to synchrotron systems. The source incorporates a novel X-ray target featuring micron-scale metal X-ray emitters embedded into a diamond substrate. This design yields superior thermal benefits for rapid cooling, so that the anode is no longer limited by the melting point of the substrate. These benefits furthermore enable the unprecedented use of new materials as X-ray target materials to produce new X-ray spectra that can be tailored and optimised for specific applications.

By integrating the high brightness FAAST-Micro and optics lens, Sigray has designed its revolutionary AttoMap micro X-ray fluorescence (microXRF) system. The system enables unprecedented performance in chemical composition mapping, achieving sub-ppm elemental analysis at the micron-scale at speeds down to 5 milliseconds per point. This makes it the ultimate tool for geology, biology, nanoparticle, forensics and materials science researchers.

Dr. Wenbing Yun, President and CEO of US-based Sigray is a key figure in the field of X-ray optics. He was also the founder of Xradia, which manufactured X-ray microscopes and was acquired by Carl Zeiss as its X-ray microscopy unit. His technical prominence has also been recognised by election as a Fellow of the Optical Society of America and four prestigious R&D 100 Awards. Dr. Yun said of the new agreement with AXT, “We are excited to re-establish our relationship with AXT who we worked closely at Xradia. AXT has a proven track record when it comes to introducing new technologies. We have several game-changing new products under development and look forward to working with AXT to bring these to Australia.”

AXT’s Managing Director Richard Trett commented, “this new arrangement is consistent with our strategy of sourcing the latest and most advanced technologies and making them available to local researchers. As a nation which will survive based on technical superiority. As such, access to the most cutting edge solutions like Sigray’s AttoMap are essential to maintaining our competitive edge.”

Sigray’s products join a host of other X-ray-related and analytical instruments in the AXT product portfolio. If you are looking for analytical instruments that will give you an edge or an unfair advantage, please contact us.

Posted June 14, 2017

Sigray AttoMap microXRF
Sigray logo

The Sigray AttoMap microXRF with 8µm spot size and X-ray brightness 50X greater than other systems.