The Nanophoton RAMANview enables Raman imaging with an ultra-wide field with deeper depth of focus and longer working distance opening up new possibilities.


Some examples of applications for the Nanophoton RAMANview include:

  • Component distribution across a tablet for drug improvement
  • Components and compositional changes across mineralogical samples such as granite
  • Analysis of polymorphism e.g. of silicon carbide
  • Analysis of crystallinity of moulded plastics
  • Analysis of the crystallinity of diamond


Features of the Nanophoton RAMANview system include:

  • Maximum view area of 2.5cm, compared to a conventional Raman with view size of 0.002cm
  • Depth of focus of 640µm, compared to just 1µm for a conventional Raman. This largely negates sample roughness and drift
  • Longer working distance of 7cm compared to 0.1cm for a conventional Raman allowing examination of samples with dents


 Main property
Laser wavelength488nm, 532nm, 671nm, 785nm
Objective lens0.5x, 1x, 2xIlllumination
IllluminationLED ring light illumination
Focal length of spectrograph300mm
Grating600gr/mm (option:2400gr/mm,etc)
Size ( W×H×D ) 200 x 600 x 620mm

Performance (with a 532nm laser)

 0.5x Objective lens1x Objective lens2x Objective lens
View field (Microscope)40 x 54mm20 x 27mm10 x 13.5mm
Field of Raman image25 x 25mm12.5 x 12.5mm6.25 x 6.25mm
Spatial resolution20μm10μm5μm
Depth of focus640μm160μm40μm
Working distance70.5mm60mm20mm
Spectra range100~3800cm-1 (with 600gr/mm grating)
Spectral resolution (FWHM)1.9cm-1 (with 2400gr/mm grating)
Spectral pixel resolution0.53cm-1/pixel (with 2400gr/mm grating)

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