The RAMANtouch laser Raman microscope from NANOphoton takes the design of laser Raman microscopes to the next level. With newly designed software, the RAMANtouch combines fast and easy data analysis providing the best performance and quality of Raman imaging.

Easy operation and rapid data sharing are possible using both PC and iPad.

High Performance

Clear imaging, showing precise component distribution in sub-micron areas is possible thanks to high spatial resolution.

High speed imaging is made possible through the combination of multichannel spectroscopy and laser beam scanning.

Combined with high speed, the accuracy of the RAMANtouch system improves both throughput and efficiency dramatically.

Expanding Work possibilities

The new Cygaarden which is included in Laurus enables data sharing via your network. It enables data to be transferred to tablets or other workstations from a RAMANtouch instrument located in another lab or on the factory floor while the measurement is in progress. This enables results to be assessed immediately and changes to be made instantaneously if required.

Sophisticated Usability

Laurus incorporates the following features that help to improve your productivity:

  • Ultra-fast startup – samples can be observed within a few seconds of starting the software
  • Easy locating – simply click a spot on the monitor to analyse. The system is accurate to 10nm
  • Easy mode – suited to those unfamiliar with Raman spectroscopy
  • Quick guide to functional groups – shows peak information for the main functional groups aiding the user in determining the measurement range of the spectrum. In the case of measured data, possible matches for the peak in question are shown automatically
  • Rapid data processing – the system can process large data files quickly and easily
  • Report generation – Reports can be extracted and exported into PowerPoint in one-touch.


Lasers488nm、532nm、671nm、785nm (4 lasers are equipped at maximum)
Laser irradiation methodPoint illumination / Line illumination
Focal length of spectrograph500mm
Grating selection150、300、600、1200、1800、2400gr/mm. Three gratings at maximum.
DetectorTE-cooled CCD 1340 x 400 pixel format
MicroscopeUpright / Inverted
Size (W×H×D ) 820 × 450 × 670mm


Spatial resolution ( X / Y / Z ) 350nm / 500nm / 1000nm(@532nm、100x 0.90NA)
Spectral range100cm-1~
Spectral resolution ( FWHM )1.2cm-1(@785nm、1200gr/mm)
Pixel resolution (spectrum)0.3cm-1/pixel (@785nm、1200gr/mm)
Accuracy of peak position0.1cm-1


Nanophoton Ramantouch laser raman microscope


Click here to download the NANOphoton RAMANtouch laser Raman microscope brochure.

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