“Outstanding imaging performance combined with the spectroscopic performance of convensional Raman microscopes.” That’s what our new-generation laser Raman microscope, RAMAN-II, brings to you. It features a new proprietary imaging mechanism that provides innovative Raman imaging instead of the traditional, time-consuming Raman mapping. The optical system, housed in a compact body, has been designed so as to automatize various operations. Software’s design is so simple that it can be intuitively operated.

Feature Summary

RAMAN-II uses proprietary slit confocal optics that enables the control of slit width by using a micrometer, while achieving spatial resolution as high as 1000 nm in the depth direction. The high confocality performs its best in the nondestructive observation of transparent samples. Even in the depth profiling of films and the cross-sectional observation of cells, RAMAN-II provides high-definition Raman imaging.

Feature Detail

  • 350-nm spatial resolution beyond the diffraction limit.
  • 1000-nm depth resolution provided by a confocal optical system.
  • Ultrafast imaging made possible by line illumination and beam scanning.
  • High wave number resolution by spectroscope with 500-mm focal length.
  • Outstanding usability by thorough automation.
  • Intuitive usability brought by the simple software.

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