Rainbow Cathodoluminescence Detector (CL) for SEMs

The new Rainbow cathodoluminescence detector (CL) from TESCAN offers outstanding performance and 4x higher sensitivity compared to common CL detectors.

The Rainbow CL detector combines panchromatic and color CL in a single detector, enabling simultaneous acquisition of the color and panchromatic signals and extends the spectral range of the panchromatic channel in comparison with basic panchromatic CL detectors.

Moreover, the Rainbow CL represents cost effective solution and saves space in the chamber.

The compact space saving design for simultaneous CL, BSE and EDX detection is retractable and available in both panchromatic versions and color versions.

The compact design of the detector makes it ideal not only for TIMA systems, it can be used for other systems as well.

Key Features

  • Combines panchromatic and colour CL in a single detector
  • Compact space saving design
  • Higher sensitivity compared to other CL detectors
  • Cost effective solution

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