Radiographic Generator Sets for Hire

AXT have a range of radiographic generator sets for hire from Rigaku and Yxlon. These are perfect for situations where:

  • You just need a system and you don’t have one available
  • Your system has broken down, is unreliable or is in for repair
  • You simply don’t have a system and don’t want the expense of buying, storing and maintaining one
  • Your system is not capable of doing a certain job

The advantages of using our hire units include:

  • No need to purchase units up front
  • Easily factor in hire costs for project budgets
  • Rapid solution if your system breaks down
  • Choice of systems to suit your specific job
  • No need to maintain your own systems, AXT take care of this for you
  • You can hire a high end system rather than buying a cheap and nasty system

Our system all come in transport cases and can be shipped direct to your site at short notice.

Systems for Hire

All systems are constant potential ensuring you are able to complete your work in the shortest possible time and inspect as many samples as possible. This makes hiring our systems the economical and smart choice.

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Fujifilm industrial x-ray film

Rigaku RF-2522CP

Rigaku Radioflex RF-2522CP radiographic generator set

Compact, lightweight, energy efficient


  • 80 – 220 kV
  • 3 mA
  • Permeability – 50mm steel

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Yxlon Y.SMART 300HP 300kV Radiographic Generator Set

High-power, lightweight, robust and reliable


  • 50 – 300 kV
  • 5 – 3.0 mA
  • Max. power – 900 W

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Fujifilm Industrial X-Ray Film and Chemicals

AXT can also bundle your hired x-ray generator together with industrial x-ray film, developing chemicals and other consumables into an economical and competitive package. We have:

  • Grades of film to suit all major classifications
  • Formats to suit almost all applications
  • Developing and fixing chemicals to suit

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