Z-900 Series Handheld LIBS Analysers

Models to suit all applications from PMI including carbon measurement to geochemistry.

Highest performing LIBS analysers

  • SciAps Z-900 series handheld LIBS analysers

    Key Features

    • Dual burn technology - Unique technology allows analysis in air or argon when higher precision is required
    • Improved design - Improved heat dissipation, new software and processing electronics
    • Ergonomic - Lightweight rugged design, excellent for prolonged in-field usage
    • Class 1 laser - Will only fire with a sample present
    • High power laser - mJ laser produces superior results compared to µJ lasers
    • Patented stack spectrometer design - Delivers wide wavelength range (190 - 950nm including H, F, Br, Cl, N, O, S, Rb, Cs and K)
ModelSpectrometer Range (nm)Best Applications
Z-901200 - 440General alloy testing for scrap sorting, PMI/NDT or quality assurance. Does not measure carbon.
Z-902200 - 420Same as 901 except spectral range extended to include lithium for users that must measure Li in aluminum or other alloys.
Z-902 Carbon190 - 440Targets carbon measurements in alloys, plus other alloy bases. Includes a high resolution spectrometer measurement of carbon in alloys including L-grade stainless.
Z-901 CSi190 - 240Dedicated to measuring C, Si in steels, stainless and (future) Ni alloys.
Z-903190 - 950Measures every element in the periodic table. Measures carbon in geochemical samples and total organic carbon (TOC). Not for carbon in steel or stainless alloys.
Z-903 Carbon190 - 625Same as 902 Carbon, except spectral range is extended to measure Li in alloys.
Z-901 Beryllium210 - 440Purpose built for beryllium measurements, generally paired with XRF to cover all 13 EPA Priority Pollutant elements. Handheld XRF cannot measure Be.
Z-901 Lithium190- 625Purpose built for lithium in soils, rocks and brines.
Z-901 Fluorine600 - 720Purpose built for fluorine analysis for PFAS in various materials. Note: uses helium purge rather than argon purge.

  • The SciAps Z-901 CSi

    This system is designed specifically for PMI applications and measuring Carbon and Silicon content. This makes it the ideal companion for hanheld XRF’s like the X-550 which can measure all the other alloy components, and then the Z-901 CSi can confirm carbon content and allow calculation of Carbon Equivalents (CE).

  • The SciAps Z-902 Carbon

    A demonstration of the new SciAps Z-902 Carbon, which makes an excellent addition to your existing handheld XRF providing data that it can’t.

    It also highlights new features of the Z-900 series such as slim design, dual cameras and other new design features such as the relocated argon cannister.

  • SciAps Cloud

    This new facility from SciAps allows you to securely upload your data from your handheld LIBS and XRF, streamlining the analysis process, effectively allowing the two systems to communicate with each other.
    By combining your data from both instruments you can do things like accurately determine low carbon grade stainless steel, carbon equivalents or residuals.
    It also has an automated report generation feature which will be very useful for field testing.

    An excellent feature available in SciAps Cloud is a pass/fail capability making it ideal for quality control.

    There are also many features that allow several LIBS analysers to be monitored which suits multi site operations with instruments at each site.

  • ONE BOX Solution for PMI

    The ONE BOX solution pairs a SciAps HHXRF and a HHLIBS device e.g. X-550 XRF with Z-901 CSi, with the XRF providing all the alloying elements and the LIBS providing the carbon content for identification of steels and determination of Carbon Equivalents (CE), with data all being processed using the SciAps Cloud solution.

    ONE BOX can pair any XRF and LIBS device from the SciAps range depending on your applications and desired price point.

  • Dual-Burn Technology on the Z-901 Hendheld LIBS

    Demonstration of the analysis using QuickSort i.e. air burn, which produces results very quickly on a range of aluminium and nickel alloys.

    The Alloy app is used where higher levels of sensitivity and better LLOD are required and uses an argon purge.

  • Sciaps geomchem pro app for Z-900 series handheld LIBS analysers

    Geochem Pro App

    The GeoChem Pro App now delivers groundbreaking microanalysis of rocks in the field. This makes the Z-900 series handheld LIBS analysers ideal for in-field microanalysis of rocks, veins, inclusions.

    [Left image] The corresponding LIBS element distribution map for Fe shows excellent correlation with the XFM map and using third party software such as Reflex ioGAS, contouring, RGB mapping and advanced analysis of data can be quickly and easily performed in the field.

    [Right image] An X-ray fluorescence map (XFM) for Fe. SciAps handheld LIBS now allows targeted microanalysis of geological samples in the field.

  • NASA has been Using SciAps LIBS Since 2017

    Run time – 1:13min

    Amy McAdam from the NASA/Goddard Space Flight Center explains how they have been using the SciAps handheld LIBS since 2017. She explains how using LIBS provides added flexibility compared to XRF in that it can detect light elements such as carbon and hydrogen.