Z-200 & Z-200C+ Handheld LIBS Analysers

The world’s only handheld analyser that measures carbon content in stainless, steels and cast irons…yes even L-grades

A unique field portable LIBS that has all the capabilities of Spark OES with the added advantage that it can analyse carbon and carbon equivalence.

  • Sciaps z300 handheld LIBS

    Key Features

    • The only handheld device that can measure carbon - High sensitivity allows it to distinguish similar alloys e.g. 316 vs 316L
    • Highly accurate results - Patented argon purge eliminates extraneous species
    • Measures all elements - Covers every element including light elements C Li, Be, B etc
    • Fast - Measurements typically completed in a matter of seconds
    • Perfect for PMI - Suited to all alloys including Al and Mg. Will give you carbon equivalents
    • The ONLY handheld analyser on the planet - That delivers carbon measurements to separate L-grade and Std-grade stainless and low-alloy steels

 A Powerful Handheld C Analyzer

The Z-200 series which includes the Z-200C+ handheld LIBS is a dedicated analyser for alloy analysis including carbon content. It analyses carbon content in stainless, down to 0.007 ppm, for dependable separation of L and H grades. The C+ also analyzes carbon steels, including carbon equivalents (CE) for weldability. The analyser is available in two versions. The Z-200 C+ comes with iron-base calibrations including carbon. The Z-200 C+ includes both iron and stainless bases and carbon. Additional bases may be added at time of purchase or any later date.

The Z uses the technique laser induced breakdown spectroscopy (LIBS), which has many similarities to spark OES. LIBS has been an established laboratory technique for 20+ years. It fires a pulsed laser at the material to create a plasma, instead of a continuous electric spark like spark OES. Light from the plasma is measured with an on-board spectrometer to determine individual wavelengths that are characteristic of elements present in the sample. The elemental content is quantified via on-board calibrations.

High resolution is critical. The Z-200 C+ is equipped with a dedicated third spectrometer optimised for the best wavelength resolution around the carbon line. Due to the many nearby iron lines, resolution better than 0.080 nm is a must.

Powerful laser – onboard argon purge – high resolution spectrometer are all key to rock solid, in-field carbon analysis for alloys. As the first handheld LIBS to hit the market, it continues to set the standard.

Resources for SciAps Z-200 C+ users.

  • Real-Time Demonstration of PMI with CE Determination

    In this very short video we demonstrate how fast the Z200C+ can determine the identity of an unknown alloy and calaculate its Carbon Equivalent. The sample in this demonstration is a VW Beetle driveshaft.

  • Measurement of Carbon Equivalents for Weldability

    The ability to measure carbon content makes it ideal for determining carbon equivalents for weldability.
    The high sensitivity of the SciAps LIBS allow you to easily distinguish similiar alloys e.g. stainless steel 316 vs 316L vs 316H