Experience the MU2000-D robustness, brilliant image quality and easy upgrade to CT

YXLON MU2000-D is a robust, reliable X-ray and CT inspection system for industrial and academic applications

  • Yxlon MU2000-D Computed Tomography CT system

    Key Features

    • Brilliant image quality with high contrast Excellent for spot-check samples and inspection
    • Optional fast computed tomography (CT) Excellent detail inside the body of the sample
    • HDR (Highly Dynamic Radioscopy) technology Provides excellent detail even with different material thicknesses
    • Customised Solutions Each system is designed to suit your requirements

Superior Technology: The Y.MU2000-D image quality excellence is based on the interplay of the digital flat-panel detector array (DDA) with high-range dynamics and Y.HDR-Inspect. The HDR (Highly Dynamic Radioscopy) technology provides excellent detail detection even with different material thicknesses and assists in visually determining the depth of casting flaws.

The  Y.MU2000-D is future-ready. Its interface generates data to be used in fields such as machine learning, big data, the Internet of Things, and machine-to-machine communication.

Industry compliant: Plus, Y.MU2000-D complies with different general standards like ASTM and DICONDE, and fulfills specific automobile manufacturers’ inspection requirements.

Efficient and Automation Ready: Y.MU2000-D provides a continuous workflow along all phases of the inspection process. The large motor- driven loading door ensures a swift exchange of items. You can smoothly inspect large and heavy or light and compact items thanks to flexible traveling possibilities along the axes. Additionally, integrate the system into your network to make results available at all access points.

Easy to Use: Thanks to the intuitive user interface Y.MU2000-D is easy to operate even for users without specialised knowledge after a brief introduction. The same applies to the CT option which provides safe applications with three different quality modes including preset parameters. The CT analysis station is equipped with VGStudio from Volume Graphics, an industrial CT software market leader.  Count on detailed casting-flaw information thanks to significant CT 3D reconstruction.

  • Range of Applications

    The MU2000-D is a versatile inspection system suited to a range of applications that allows you to quickly and easily detect and identify flaws making ideal for quality assurance in manufacturing operations. Example applications include:

    • All kinds of aluminum castings such as engine blocks, cylinders, cylinder heads, pistons, knuckles Turbine blades
    • Wheels and tires
    • Fibre-reinforced materials
    • Ceramics
    • 3D printed materials/Additive manufactured parts
  • All
  • Computed Tomography
  • Computed Tomography - Life Sci
  • Fluoroscopy
  • In situ
  • Pre-clinical Imaging
  • Radiography
  • X-ray absorption spectroscopy (XANES/EXAFS)
  • X-ray Imaging
  • X-ray Microscopy
  • XRD & Diffraction