Cougar EVO Series

Designed to provide the "best-in-class" inspection solutions for SMT, semiconductor, and laboratory assembly applications

Scalable small footprint X-ray inspection systems for electronic componentry, and medical/military devices

  • Key Features

    • Fast and Efficient - Achieves excellent images, quickly
    • High power, high resolution - Suitable for detecting the smallest features in 2D/3D
    • User-friendly operation - Intuitive software enables complex imaging via automation
    • Compact size - Ideal for sites with limited space
    • Tailored solutions - 3 models to suit industry standards

The Cougar EVO range  creates a brilliant image in the shortest time.  Cougar EVO systems are suited to a range of applications including:

  • Electronic components and assemblies
  • Medical devices
  • Military components

The Cougar EVO series benefit from several YXLON innovations:

  • FeinFocus X-ray tube technolog
  • High Power Target technology
  • A finely calibrated, long-life flat-panel detector

The assortment of trays ensures that it can generate 2D and 3D images in extremely high resolution.  They also feature Yxlon Proloop as an option.

Cougar Systems are up-gradable: Systems can be upgraded for CT with the optional microCT module. This enables CT for industrial quality assurance, with in-depth 3D examination of inspection items via virtual cross sections and layers. With its user-friendly YXLON QuickScan® module, it delivers 3D images and virtual slices within a minute.

In addition to imaging excellence, with Cougar EVO you can look forward to simple, user-friendly controls and intuitive FGUI – Feinfocus Graphical User Inter- face – software. Not to mention the myriad of benefits of comprehensive automation. One-click solutions make manual inspection effortless and live SMART filters ensure perfect images.

Easy Teach-In makes it simple to program complex automated routines that guide you swiftly through inspection steps and deliver repeatable, reliable results and automated reports.

  • All
  • Computed Tomography
  • Computed Tomography - Life Sci
  • Fluoroscopy
  • In situ
  • Pre-clinical Imaging
  • Radiography
  • X-ray absorption spectroscopy (XANES/EXAFS)
  • X-ray Imaging
  • X-ray Microscopy
  • XRD & Diffraction