X-505 Handheld XRF Analyser

Small size, blazing speed and high precision

The smallest, lightest handheld XRF ever made. Ideally suited to both PMI and geochemistry applications.

  • SciAps X-505 handheld XRF

    Key Features

    • Ergonomic - lightweight (<1.3kg with battery) and perfectly balanced
    • Excellent heat dissipation - can run for extended periods without overheating
    • Android operating system - just like using a smartphone including Wifi, Bluetooth & USB connectivity and GPS
    • Vibrant display - 2.7inch capacitive touchscreen display
    • Hot swappable Li-ion battery - facilitates continuous operation
    • Benchtop stand available - converts your handheld into a benchtop XRF
    • Applications - suited to PMI, NDT, scrap sorting, mining, geochemistry, soil and RoHS

This new model SciAps handheld XRF offers an excellent combination of speed and accuracy is a small, cost-effective package and is suited to PMI/NDT, geochemistry, mining and soil analysis applications. Recognised as the best pXRF on the market for its durability, ease of use, precision and accuracy.
If you are after even more speed, check out the SciAps X-550 handheld XRF.



  • PMI for most alloys in 1sec with excellent precision – including stainless, Cr-Mo steels, low alloy steels and high temperature alloys such as nickel, titanium, and cobalt based alloys, superalloys and specialty alloys such as tungsten carbides, tin-lead solders, zirconium alloys and many more
  • Residuals – Measure Ni, Cr and Cu content down to 0.01-0.02% to verify the sum of the three elements is less than 0.15%. And also meet the latest requirements that V and Nb both be < 0.02%
  • Sulfiidic corrosion – accurately measures silicon in steels below 0.1% for sulfidic corrosion applications

Mining and Geochemistry

  • Ideally suited to all aspects of mineral analysis including trace level analysis for exploration, ore grades for delineation of mineralised zones and also concentrates and liquids in process metallurgy
  • Dedicated calibrations and ‘Apps’ for different applications such as pathfinders for exploration.

Soil Analysis

  • Suited to elemental analysis of environmental soils
  • Dedicated app – includes the 8 RCRA metals and 11 of the 12 EPA priority pollutant metals (excepting Be)
  • EPA method 6200 – compliant
  • SciAps test stand for X-550 and X-505 handheld XRF

    Convert Your SciAps Handheld XRF into a Benchtop XRF

    The XRF Test Station is designed for reliability, durability and safety, complete with interlocked lid for your protection and a super stable base to keep your samples positioned correctly regardless of what’s going on around you. Integrated fans to keep the analyser cool even at the most extreme duty cycles and environments.

    For lab and field-lab environments, the X-500 series mounted on the Test Station can be operated through Profile Builder software for PC and tablet to create a benchtop analyser, allowing you to crank through hundreds or even thousands of samples a day.