Image Resolution Range: 40 um to 300 um

Vertical High Resolution and sensitivity X-ray CT system

  • Key Features

    • X-ray CT without a shielded room
    • Image Resolution 40 um to 300 um
    • The system is fully shielded and enclosed
    • Inherently safe X-ray source cannot be energised with doors opened
    • Quick and efficient core loading

The Geotek VXCT system acquires both 2D X-ray transmission images and 3D X-ray CT volumes from lined whole core and, where stable, split core sections.

Automated rotation of lined core sections allows users to visualise and record three-dimensional structures within the cores. These rotational images are used for computed tomographic (CT) reconstructions.

The X-ray source and detector positions are adjustable and can be optimised for image quality, resolution and core size. Whole cores are centralised by special core cones that securely hold core samples vertically within the system. This innovative method allows for quick and efficient core loading. Core sections up to 155 cm in length and 15 cm in diameter can be inserted into the Geotek VXCT system.

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  • Automated Mineralogy
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  • Computed Tomography
  • Core Scanning
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  • Hyperspectral
  • In situ
  • LIBS
  • MagSusc
  • P-wave
  • Petrophysics
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