One-stop stability

The first all-in-one biologics stability screening platform.

  • Key Features

    • Unleash the Uni get more data with way less protein; 9 µL of sample only
    • Full-spectrum determine protein behavior across whole fluorescence spectrum without dyes
    • Aggregation picks up aggregation on two wavelengths
    • Uncover way more in one shot measure multiple properties in a go over a short period of time
    • Isothermal stability handles DLS or SLS readings for days with no sample evaporation
    • Dynamic light scattering grab polydispersity, radius, and size distribution with amped sensitivity
    • B22 & kD learn on the spot if your protein-formulation combo is good to go or risky for aggregation
    • Viscosity use beads to get a snapshot of viscosity

Uncle is the first characterization tool that measures thermal stability, aggregation onset of proteins and size of proteins simultaneously. The Uncle simultaneously performs fluorescence, static light scattering (SLS), and dynamic light scattering (DLS) analysis using a user friendly software and has ten applications worth of data.

  • Learn more about protein stability with only 9 µL of sample with the Unit. Measure Tm and Tagg simultaneously in under 2 hours. The Unit combines fluorescence and SLS measurement modes to give you a jump start on ranking protein constructs and formulations.

    Download the Unit brochure here

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