X-550 XRF Handheld Analyser

Simply the best handheld XRF analyser ever made

Meet the NEW SciAps X-550 that sets a new performance standard for
PMI. It’s the lightest weight X-ray gun ever made, at 1.3 kg including battery.

  • Meet the NEW X-550

    Key Features

    • Perfectly balanced, light weight, and articulate you can test all day long.
    • Fast and precise initial test result shown in less than one second.
    • Great on aluminium or magnesium alloys measures magnesium at the 0.3% level in 2 seconds, 5-10x times faster than competing X-ray guns.
    • Real-time Synching every test result is stored on the analyser and sent via WiFi to one or more online PCs located anywhere in the world.
    • Powerful miniaturized X-ray tube designed to excel in measuring low atomic number elements Si, P, S, Mg and Al.

The X-550 is ideal for PMI applications producing highly precise analyses of most alloys in just 1 second. Optimised for low atomic number measurement applications including sulfidic corrosion (low Si), phosphorus and sulfur, and aluminum alloys, as well as for residuals analysis, the X-550 XRF satisfies American Petroleum Institute API 751 and 5L specifications.

The instrument features a patent-pending Aluminum App is optimized for both low atomic number elements and transition metals for ultra-fast, highly specific verification of the many similar aluminum grades. This allows the X-550 XRF to easy differentiate alloys such as 3003/3004/3005, cast 356 and 357 and 2014/2024.

The Android operating system makes the X-500 XRF as easy to use as a smartphone. Built-in wifi, Bluetooth, GPS and USB offer optimal connectivity.

The ergonomic slim design allows you to access tighter spaces than any other similar instrument.

Combining all these features provides you with the ultimate in field portable productivity.

  • Real-Time Demonstration of the Analytical Speed of the SciAps X-550 Handheld XRF

    In this short video a number of different alloys are analysed and identified in real-time. In particular a host of aluminium alloys are measured in just a few seconds demonstrating just how fast this handheld X-ray gun really is.

  • SciAps X-550 handheld XRF