Z-300 Handheld LIBS Analyser

Hot new technology for the mining and exploration sectors

The best portable instrument for the exploration geologist.
Analysing every element of the periodic table including the elements the pXRF cannot see.

  • Sciaps z300 handheld LIBS

    Key Features

    • Hand held with great ergonomic design
    • Laser-Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy analysing every element of periodic table from H to U
    • Spectrometer range is 190-950 nm enabling interference free lines for all elements
    • Analyses solids & liquids and is suitable for hardrocks in addition to brines
    • Advanced software with an easily navigable user interface
    • Performs micro-analysis in the field with the laser spot size of 100 μm
    • Rasters in a grid pattern enabling elemental plots with heat maps

Z-300 LIBS Handheld Analyser

The best portable instrument for geologists! Analysing every element including the elements the pXRF cannot see such as lithium (Li), beryllium (Be), boron (B), carbon (C), fluorine (F) and sodium (Na).

With an Android operating system there are three applications for the exploration geologist:

  • GeoChem App – Calibrations for quantitative measurements
  • Element Pro App – To determine the presence of any element and approx. relative abundance
  • GeoChem Pro App – Analyses the surface of the sample in a grid giving element distribution
  • NASA Use the SciAps Z-300 LIBS for Exploration Geology

    In this short video Amy McAdam from NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center explains and demonstrates how they use the SciAps Z-300 LIBS to analyse geological materials on Earth.

  • Quantitative measurements of light elements such as Lithium

  • Heat maps with elemental distribution

  • Element Pro App to determine what elements are present in the truly unknown!

  • GeoChem Pro for elemental distribution

  • Profile Builder-Advanced desk top software for custom calibrations