Fully shielded and fully enclosed X-ray CT system in compliance with Australian regulations

Rotating X-ray source and detector positions are adjustable and can be optimised for image quality, resolution and core size. Our most flexible and capable X-ray CT system that acquires both 2D images and 3D CT volumes from whole core, split core and delicate core that could be damaged if rotated.

  • Key Features

    • Safe use in any normal laboratory environment
    • Core centralised by wirelessly controlled motorised arms
    • Quick and efficient core loading for rapid scanning
    • Does not require a designated lead-lined room

The Geotek RXCT system

Geotek’s most flexible and capable X-ray CT system. It acquires both 2D X-ray transmission images and 3D X-ray CT volumes. Automated rotation of the X-ray detector and source allows users to visualise and record three-dimensional structures within the core. These rotational images are used for computed tomographic (CT) reconstructions. X-ray CT imaging provides valuable quantitative data as well as information about core quality for sub-sampling or further analyses. Warning lights indicate when the system is energised, and safety interlocks ensure that the X-ray source cannot be energised whenever doors are opened.

The mechanised arms securely hold core samples horizontally. This innovative method allows for quick and efficient core loading for rapid scanning, perfect for field based studies or large core logging projects.  Split cores and slabbed rock can also be imaged using the mechanical arms and for weak liner or delicate samples the system can quickly be adapted with a plastic tube or tray to support the core. The system accepts core sections up to 155 cm long and 15 cm in diameter.

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