Commercial lab-benchtop microphysiological system (MPS). It puts the cell culture environment under your control

PhysioMimix™ for single-organ and multi-organ experiments with real-time control over cell culture condition to mimic in vivo physiology.

  • CN Bio Innovations - Physiomimix organ-on-chip system

    Key Features

    • “Body-on-a-Chip” concurrent assays – Link two or more tissue systems using microfluidics, reveal how multiple organs interact and respond to stimuli
    • Set up PhysioMimix – Consumables with a wide choice of cell culture formats and bespoke or validated cell and tissue model systems
    • Lab Benchtop Ready – Portable and compact, Compatible with existing equipment
    • Compatible with – Off-the-shelf pre-formed tissues – and stem cells
    • Real-time monitoring / “Set-and-Run” Perfusion / Open-well plates – Remove samples for analysis, experiments continue to run / Long term experiments without shifts or overtime / Scientists can seed, culture and analyse cells in-house
    • Approved by regulators – In compliance with regulatory standards in the EU (CE Mark), EU, Switzerland, Australia, the US and Canada

The PhysioMimix Organ-on-Chip platform enables researchers to work with a wide range of cell types (iPSCs, primary cells, etc.) and commercial inserts to mimic human physiology in vitro. This improves the efficiency of preclinical studies or industrial screening that require reliable human-relevant data.

Detect potential side effects and toxicity markers before the drugs are tested in humans

  • Predict whether a drug that is intended to treat one organ will have adverse effects on another
  • Enhance or replace animal studies with more human-relevant in vitro models
  • Explore diagnostic and precision medicine applications
  • Quick Guide to Human Organ-on-Chip Studies: Cells, Tissues, Organs and Multi-Organ Experiments

    The CN Bio Physiomimix Organ-on-Chip system can be used to quickly and easily generate microphysiological environments that closely mimic in vivo conditions allowing you to culture healthy or diseased tissue models, study multi-organ interactions and investigate ADME and toxicity. In doing you can gather highly relevant data to accurately test the the effectiveness and efficacy of your treatment, drug or therapeutic.

    Watch this short video to see how the system works and how it can benefit your research.

  • Benchtop Organ-on-Chip Device, Physiomimix from CN Bio

    Data from Organ-on-Chip experiments helps to predict toxicity, efficacy and the response of human cells to new therapeutics, additives, cosmetics and other chemicals.

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    Precision cell culture? Nobody does it better.
    The PhysioMimix™ Organ-on-Chip system rapidly increases your in-lab capabilities to create advanced and diverse human cell cultures and secure data critical to your R&D success.

    PhysioMimix – Cultivating confidence.