NanoFrazor Scholar

An evolutionary step in lithographic techniques

The Scholar is a flexible bench-top lithography system that can fit inside a glove box. Capable of 3D patterning, in situ inspection, markerless overlay and high resolution Closed-Loop Lithography (CLL) on nano-sized features

  • Key Features

    • Combined patterning and topography imaging with very high speed and accuracy. Using a design that combines high stiffness, zero mechanical friction and strongly reduced coupled motion to deliver superior positioning accuracy.
    • 3D patterning and markerless overlay. Able to read topography with sub-nanometer sensitivity which does not lead to resist exposure. This removes the need for dedicated alignment marks which in turn removes difficulties associated with marker degradation and inconsistencies in the positioning hardware.
  • All
  • CL
  • CLEM
  • EBSD
  • EDS
  • Electron Beam Lithography (EBL)
  • Electron Microscopy
  • Fabrication
  • FIB
  • In situ
  • Micro XRF
  • Microscopy
  • SEM
  • TEM
  • Thermal Probe Lithography
  • WDS