MSCL-XZ: Compact Multi-Sensor Core Logger

Small footprint bench top MSCL-XRF that measures elemental concentrations, spectral reflectance and magnetic susceptibility data

Compact solution to collect X-ray fluorescence, high-resolution magnetic susceptibility and Geoscan V linescan core image data.

  • Key Features

    • Fully automated motion in the horizontal and vertical axes with 0.02 mm linear precision
    • All sensors are moved in unison and collect data in parallel
    • Data output tab-deliminated ASCII files
    • All parameters recorded vs. depth in section and core
    • Accurate colour data, including Munsell representations

Bench top automated split core measurements

Measured values may be used intrinsically, for their actual values, or as proxies for changes in lithology or depositional environment. The MSCL-XZ is a bench top small-footprint core logging system that provides a compact solution for split core non-destructive measurements, obtaining multiple data sets simultaneously. Unlike the MSCL-S, where the core moves past the sensors, the bench-top MSCL-XZ moves the sensors along the core (X-axis) while the sensors move up and down to contact the core surface (Z-axis). Split core sections enable sensors to be used that cannot operate through the plastic liner: X-ray fluorescence, spectrophotometry data ranging 350-2500 nm collected and displayed , high-resolution magnetic susceptibility, Geoscan V linescan core imaging.

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