MSCL-XYZ Core Workstation

Automated multi-core logging system for XRF, core imaging and other surface measurements

The Geotek Core Workstation (MSCL-XYZ) is a unique automated multi-core logging system for XRF, core imaging and various other surface core measurements.

  • Key Features

    • Compatible with ultra-sensitive Geotek XRF, Geoscan V linescan Core Imaging VIS/UV, colour spectrophotometer, point MagSus, ASD Labspec VIS/NIR/SWIR, Olympus handheld XRF
    • Core accepted up to 10.5 m per load, length up to 155 cm, diameter up to 15 cm
    • Sensor motion - fully automated motion in the down-core, cross-core, and vertical axes with linear precision of 0.02 mm; all sensors move and collect data in parallel
    • Data output tab-delimited ASCII files containing all measured parameters vs. depth in section and core: elemental concentrations, spectral reflectance data by wavelength band,

The Geotek Core Workstation (MSCL-XYZ)

is a unique automated multi-core logging system for XRF, core imaging and various other surface core measurements. Multiple core sections (up to six 1.5 m core sections), or core boxes are loaded into the workstation, which are then logged in a single operation. The core workstation uses a unique core tray which pulls out to the user to aid core loading, and a shielded screen protects the user whilst giving full visibility of the logging operation.

The ability to load multiple cores at once is particularly valuable in a repository environment or where large core throughput is required without user intervention. As user input is limited customers and clients will not need to hire numerous technicians to consistently load core throughout the day, and allow multiple sections of core to be logged through the evening. Therefore a 24 hour core logging operation is more achievable using a Geotek Core Workstation without the need for night shift technicians thus saving customers money in the long term.

It is common for core repositories to utilise handheld XRFs, ASD Labspec spectrometers and high resolution cameras. However, typically these measurements are acquired by hand at low resolution intervals, which is a hugely time consuming process. The Core Workstation can integrate all of these sensors onto a single platform and the automatically acquire these multiple datasets at co-registered depths downcore. A Core Workstation can therefore free up staff from laborious manual measurements allowing them to focus on data analysis, and increase productivity through a core repository, institution, or industrial laboratory.

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