MSCL-S: Multi-Sensor Core Logger

Acquiring up to nine different datasets simultaneously

MSCL-S is the only commercially available tool for gathering both petrophysical and geochemical properties from core samples in an automated and quality controlled way.

  • Key Features

    • Whole or fractured unlined core that is pushed through the system on stabilising core trays
    • Simultaineous non-destructive quantification of rock properties in low or high resolution for hard rock or soft rock application for mining and oil & gas
    • Geophysical measurements such as natural gamma, magnetic susceptibility, density, porosity, P-wave velocity
    • Geochemical determination of element values and mineralogy with pXRF and hyperspectral
    • High resolution colour images with Linescan photography on wet or dry core
    • Co-location of all data points in a waterfall plot

Product Review

  • Finally I have a mobile laboratory to measure the physical, geochemical, and mineralogical properties of rock cores...we have described a multi-sensor core logger specifically designed and adapted to work on rock cores from mineral exploration drilling. The logger is not meant to replace the geologist but instead is utilized to acquire rock properties … The measurements are non-destructive and carried out at core storage sites. ...Other loggers have been used on exploration drill cores, but the one described here is the first to integrate magnetic susceptibility, density, geochemistry, Vis/NIR spectrometry (alteration mineralogy) and imaging. We believe this innovation makes the data especially useful for a wide range of applications... the improvement of down-hole lithological discriminations when the rocks are fine-grained and/or hydrothermally altered. Such improved lithological discriminations can aid better understanding the geology of an area, which can lead to better targeting for future drilling.

    Professor Pierre-Simon RossLaboratory Head at Institut National de la Recherche Scientifique, Quebec, Canada

A unique solution

Most Geoscientists and Engineers do agree on one thing: it is very important to extract all significant data from every piece of core in a time and cost efficient manner.

The Geotek MSCL-S is the only commercially available tool for gathering both physical and chemical properties from core samples in an automated and quality controlled way.

Its powerful ballscrew  pushes each core section past a series of geophysical and geochemical sensors. All of the sensors are simultaneously acquiring up to 9 different datasets! This automatic and continuous motion is accurate to the nearest 0.1 mm.

The data is displayed in real-time, making the whole process of core logging extremely efficient.

The flexibility of MSCL-S is such that it can analyse lined sediment and competent or fragmented rock core ranging between 50 and 150 mm in diameter and up to 1.5 m long.

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