mosquito® X1

Incredible power at the heart of your liquid handling processes

Accurate nL – µL single channel pipetting

  • Key Features

    • Off the shelf automation for a range of applications open file format for simple integration
    • Eliminate cross-contamination disposable pipettes for ensuring assay integrity
    • Maximising reagent use and preserving precious sample ultra low dead volumes as low as 0.2 µL
    • High speed hit picking directly into assay plates averages only 6 seconds for aspirate, plate deck move, dispense and tip change
    • Improved workflow efficiency and throughput accurate low volume single channel pipetting
    • Accuracy and precision, irrespective of liquid class true positive-displacement pipetting
  • mosquito X1 is A Single Tip Nanolitre Hit Picking System

    It offers true walk-away cherry picking from any individual well in any type of plate with high throughput

    Applications include: rapid, automated hit-picking, spotting on to slides or custom devices with non-standard well pitch

    Pipetting range 25 nL – 1.2 µL or 500 nL – 5 µL