mosquito® LCP

Accurate, reproducible automation for liquid cubic phase (LCP) setups

Automated membrane protein screening, optimization and scale-up

  • SPT Labtech mosquito LCP automated liquid handling system

    Key Features

    • Protein samples go further and screen consumption is vastly reduced - Access volumes as low as 25 nL on multi-aspirate
    • Accuracy and precision, irrespective of liquid class - True positive displacement pipetting
    • Faster screening of crystallisation space for less sample - Rapid and accurate drop set-up across a wide viscosity range (2 min/ std 96-well plate or 4 min for 96-well LCP plate
    • Reduced set-up time and training requirements - Walk-up and use technology which even novice users can master quickly
    • Robust day-to-day performance even in heavy use - Proven reliability with no blocking or clogging
    • Flexibility to easily switch methods to suit individual projects - Easily set all crystallisation methods with no configuration changes

Positive Displacement Dispensing Technology

SPT Labtech disposable micropipette tips for positive displacement liquid handling

SPT Labtech’s mosquito range of liquid handlers use their novel positive displacement dispensing technology. This has several advantages for users including:

  • Zero cross contamination – using disposable micropipette tips with stainless steel pistons
  • Unrivalled accuracy at low volumes – nanolitre and microlitre
  • Not affected by liquid viscosity – no air gap
  • Excellent repeatability
  • Membrane protein crystallization with mosquito LCP

    The ultimate tool for membrane protein crystallization with all the functionality of mosquito crystal, mosquito LCP allows you to fully automate LCP set-ups accurately and repeatedly

    It also allows you to dispense lipidic cubic phase (LCP) volumes as low as 25 nL, while automated calibration of syringe and pipette positioning ensures precise drop-on-drop placement to facilitate automated imaging

    Applications include: lipidic cubic phase (LCP) screening plus all the functionality of mosquito crystal

    Pipetting range 25 nL – 1.2 µL