mosquito® HV genomics

Incredible power at the heart of your genomics lab

Enabling miniaturized molecular biology with our multi-talented liquid handler

  • Key Features

    • Simply accurate exceptional precision and accuracy in the 500 nL – 5 µL pipetting range, even with highly viscous samples
    • Eliminate cross-contamination pre-sterilised, disposable pipettes for ensuring data integrity
    • Rapid return on investment affordable instrument enabling large cost savings on expensive reagents and kits
    • High speed rapid plate to plate pipetting motion and tip exchange
    • Versatile at low volume aspirate, dispense and mix in any plate type or format
    • Ultra-low dead volumes maximising reagent use and preserving precious sample with dead volumes as low as 0.2 µL
  • mosquito HV (High Volume) genomics offers highly accurate and precise multi-channel pipetting from 500 nL to 5 μL

    It enables miniaturization of a wide range of genomics assays and kits which leads to breakthrough cost reductions and productivity gains

    Applications include: sequencing library preparation, magnetic bead cleanup, single cell genomics, cDNA amplification, PCR and qPCR

    Pipetting range: 500 nL – 5 µL