Direct detection of low energy electrons; high performance and high speed

The LV-126 is the first and only commercially-available direct detection camera for low voltage electron microscopy making them ideal for a wide range of low voltage electron microscopy applications, including LEEM/PEEM.

  • Key Features

    • Low energy electron detection. The LV-126 allows for direct detection of 10 – 40 keV primary electrons—a revolutionary advancement in data quality. Its improved resolution yields approximately 8× more information per image compared to MCP+CCD.
    • Direct Electron’s patented “movie mode” provides high-speed acquisition of a continuous stream of frames with nearly 100% duty cycle and little to no dead time between frames. Specifically designed for low voltage applications to give you clear data at incredibly quick speeds.
    • Large field-of-view. With a 4k × 3k field-of-view the LV-126 delivers 3× more pixels than an typical 2k × 2k camera and, combined with a high signal-to-noise ratio (SNR), delivers >6× the information content compared to microchannel plates.
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